Native to India and Bangladesh, the jackfruit (or jackfruit) is now spreading in many tropical regions for its essentially therapeutic properties. Nicknamed the poor man’s fruit, it is the largest fruit in the world, and it is full of many nutrients beneficial to our health. New star fruit, this tropical fruit will offer a palette of flavors to our taste buds to brighten up our winter, thanks to its different varieties. Like fruit, the jackfruit can be eaten raw or cooked: find out how to cook it to surprise your guests this winter!

What is jackfruit fruit?

The jackfruit fruit comes straight from India and Bangladesh. It is now grown in Southeast Asia, Brazil, Madagascar, and Haiti. This exotic fruit has the distinction of growing directly on the large branches of the tree. It can measure up to 50 cm and weigh more than 30 kg, making it the largest fruit from a fruit tree. After only three years of planting, the jackfruit begins to have fruits with a leathery and thick skin of green color than yellow. The part of the edible fruit is found in the alveoli. Its flesh is white. Its taste is tangy with a rather rubbery texture. Large seeds are also contained in each pocket and must be cooked and then eaten like chestnuts. The jackfruit fruit is quite caloric compared to other fruits:

The health and nutrition benefits of jackfruit

The jackfruit fruit is coveted for its nutritional benefits on our health. It is rich in vitamins, in particular in vitamin b2, which allows us to bring energy and vitality and in vitamin b9 (folic acid) for the good development of the fetus in pregnant women. There is no shortage of minerals in the composition of this exotic fruit: iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium. They are all of the great necessity, helping to fight cancer cells, anemia, or the proper functioning of the immune system. And that’s not all! The jackfruit is also one of the foods richest in fiber, our intestinal transit being improved. For these many reasons, the jackfruit can be incorporated into our diet as soon as necessary. 

What is the season for consuming jackfruit?

The jackfruit fruit is an exotic fruit available in winter on our stalls, from November to January only. You have to take advantage of it quickly.

How to store jackfruit?

Jackfruit should be eaten fairly quickly because, given its size, it rarely finds room in our refrigerator. It is, therefore, preferable to consume it within 48 hours of purchase. 

How to cook the jackfruit?

To delight many taste buds, jackfruit fruit can be prepared in different ways. Ripe fruit can be eaten raw or cooked with coconut milk, in ice, in candied fruit, or in a jam. Its seeds are not edible raw. They are then cooked grilled or boiled and then incorporated into good traditional dishes, for example. Its same seeds also give a starch, can also be used in pastries. Jacques makes many recipes that will appeal to lovers of exotic discoveries and vegetarian cuisine.

How to choose the jackfruit correctly?

The jackfruit fruit is often bought canned but can also be found in some Asian shops, in pieces or whole. It is necessary to touch and smell this tropical fruit to make the right choice. To the touch, it is rather firm without being too much, and its smell is strong, offering a sweet and exotic flavor.

The varieties of jackfruit

There are no less than 50 different varieties of jackfruit in the world whose taste differs from one species to another. The fruit has a rather sweet and sweet flavor like mango or pineapple. Its smell is quite strong, even if it is less than that of durian. The varieties will be differentiated by their more or less firm texture. There are mainly three: 

-The hard jackfruit, its drupes, remains firm at maturity. 

-The fruit of jackfruit Sosso, with softer flesh.

-Honey jackfruit with a very sweet taste like that of honey. 

How to cook the jackfruit?

If finding the whole jackfruit fruit turns out to be a real obstacle course, it can also be found in canned form or in pieces in some Asian shops. 

When it is whole, it is better to be two to take care of it! Put on gloves or brush with the oil! Indeed, the jackfruit has a very sticky sap. It is, therefore, necessary to oil the outside of the fruit, his hands, and the knife. Then, just cut the fruit to remove the heart and recover the flesh with his hands. With a good dose of energy and goodwill, it won’t be that complicated! 

It can then be eaten raw, cooked, cut into pieces, or prepared as jam. Many possibilities of recipes are then available to you, the most popular of which: a Creole recipe based on fruit and smoked bacon, a delight! 

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